Achilles tendon pain

Achilles tendon pain

Information about pathologies/injuries of the achilles tendon, including partial tears, ruptures, tendinitis and tendinopathies, and their management.

Is there only one Squat Technique?

Should everyone’s squat look the same? The squat is widely known as one of the best strengthening exercises for engaging multiple muscle groups at one time. It can be found as a staple in most training programs for anyone from beginner to experienced lifters in a range of different ages. Classically “Textbook” Squat form dictates […]

Exercising with pain: Should I?

Exercising with pain: Should I?

This is a question we get asked daily and one that everyone has an opinion on. “NO PAIN NO GAIN” So what is the best course of action when dealing with pain while running, at the gym or just out on a walk? If we relate this back to our previous blog discussing the GLA:D […]

Patella (Kneecap) Dislocation

patella dislocations

Patella dislocations occur mostly in young female athletes with most dislocating laterally (to the outside) of the knee, while many spontaneously relocate many require physical realignment through the extension of the knee joint and a force to the outside of the knee. Patella dislocations are associated with ligament tears and less commonly fractures. As the […]

Shin Splints in Runners

shin splints in runners

Shin splints are common in runners and can be really challenging to manage. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just beginning, you may have been sidelined by this common (and frustrating) injury. Shin splints cause a nagging pain that is often felt in the front of your lower leg along your shinbone during or after […]

Long Covid Symptoms and Rehabilitation

long Covid

This month, the team has delved into the symptoms and management of long Covid. Many of us will have had Covid 19 and research shows that majority will have at least one symptom that seems to linger, even months later. These may include: Fatigue Shortness of breath or cough Muscle or joint aches and pains […]