Why would I need Gym Visits for rehabilitation?

Unfortunately during your recovery from injury, it is common to lose some muscle and tendon strength and cardiovascular fitness. Strength and fitness training can be an essential part of rehabilitation. This is particularly important for those involved in manual work, or wanting to return to active sports. Weight training improves muscle, bone and tendon strength. You are at higher risk of re-injury when you return to work or sports, if you have not addressed this deficit.

Too scared to go to gyms? Worried about hurting yourself, “bulking up”, or just not knowing what to do in a gym?

We can help.

For those unfamiliar with gyms, we will start you on a light program in our own gym area within the physiotherapy practice, and make sure your technique is sound, and the weights are appropriate for you. As your confidence and strength improves we will progress your exercises. For some people it will be enough to provide you with a light strengthening program that can be done in the home, and for others, you may need to move on to a structured gym program.

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