Lumbar Rolls

These are used to help maintain a good spinal posture when sitting. Sitting with a neutral lumbar curve minimises the load on your back by 5 x your body weight when compared to slump sitting



We stock some pillows that can be fitted to you to ensure that the normal spinal curves are supported.



Rigid sports tape, dynamic tape and undertape (to minimize skin reactions). Tape can help stabilize a joint in the optimal position while ligament healing processes are occurring. Tape can also assist movement or help in retraining your optimal movement patterns.


Massage Cream

We stock different massage creams to ease muscle pain and help reduce swelling.


Braces & Support

We stock a range of different braces and supports. We offer short consults so we can find the most appropriate brace for your problem. We can order anything in from our wide range of suppliers if we don’t have the best brace on hand.


Hot and Cold Packs

There are a variety in stock that can either be heated with hot water or in the microwave. We even have cute animal designs that make perfect presents.


Exercise equipment

To help you continue your recovery at home.

  • Theratubing is a great strengthening tool and can easily be taken anywhere so you can continue your rehab.
  • Rollers can be used for stretching, core strengthening and balance work.


We have a wide range of orthotics to help treat a number of different conditions caused by altered biomechanics. We may recommend orthotic use as part of your treatment or if you are just looking for a pair, you can arrange a short consult with our physiotherapists so the best fit can be determined for you.



Archie Thongs-Perfect for our Gold Coast lifestyle! Here’s the benefits:

  • the comfort and freedom of a sandal with the orthotic built into the footbed.
  • Affordable, extremely comfortable and easy to wear
  • Continue orthotic treatment outside the shoe
  • Protection against hard, flat surfaces
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Heel Cups


Heel cups are great for decreasing the discomfort of painful heel spurs.